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Pure indulgence

Cosmetic and massage

Pure indulgence at Villa Spa

Enjoy a SPA Holiday at the Moselle. Whether a whole wellness day or a single massage, facial treatment, pedicure or manicure.Trained professionals and Babor's quality products provide a special kind of feel-good moment

Of course, not only our hotel guests are welcome in our beauty salon near Cochem.

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Treatment options


Times including rest/changing time

Moselle Princess | 90 minutes | €105.00
ReVersive-Luxurious High Tech Active ingredients: Visible smooth-instant effect based on modern high-performance active ingredients. Stress resistance of cells is increased. Discolouration and bumps are reduced. The skin is firmer, smoother, more even and radiates youthfully fresh.

2-phase deep cleaning, vitality check & skin activation, AHA fruit acid scrub, dual serum, lip volume, active ingredient massage of face, neck & décolleté, mask, final care, on request Age ID makeup

Moselle beauty | 90 minutes | €95.00
Anti-age lifting against the signs of the times: The innovative precision care with immediate tightening effect ensures a visually smoother, more elastic and more youthful complexion. HSR Lifting-the luxurious anti-wrinkle care for every skin.

2-phase deep cleaning, vitality check & skin activation, enzyme peeling, serum, lip volume, active ingredient massage of face, neck & décolleté, special mask, final care, on request Age ID make-up

Dr Babor Neurosensitive | 75 minutes | €75.00
Help for sensitive, irritated, reddened skin: Effectively regenerates the skin's lipid mantle and normalizes its fat & moisture balance. Skin-owned resistance forces are intensively strengthened, irritation and redness are significantly reduced. Unpleasant feelings of tension and itching are immediately relieved and even a skin prone to neurodermatitis recovers faster and again shows smooth smooth and tender.

Sample cleaning, gentle enzyme scrub, special ampoule, doctor BABOR active ingredient massage, special mask, final care

Moselle-fresh  | 75 minutes | €63.00
The individual basic care: Classic facial with the BABOR products from the Skinovage range that match your skin.

Cleaning, peeling, cleansing, brow correction, active ingredient ampoule, facial, neck & décolleté massage, mask, final care

Moselle luck | 45 minutes | €43.00
The small pampering treatment-a wellness break for your face

Cleaning enzyme foam scrub, active ingredient serum, facial, neck & décolleté massage, mask, final care

Men's thing | 60 minutes | €57.00
Babor Men offers targeted solutions for a vital, powerful and resilient male skin. The skin becomes smoother, more well-groomed, protected and less sensitive.

Pedicure | €32.00, with Frenchnails + 10.00

Manicure | €32.00, with varnish + €6.00

Paraffin handbath | €33.00

Health foot care with foot massage | €42.00

Eyebrow correction | €6.50/10.00

Dyeing brows | €7.00/€10.50

Eyelashes dyeing | €10.00/€14.00

Eyelashes/brows dye | €15.00/€21.00

Face depilation | from €7.00

Ear heart ceremony | €29.00
Ancient, Native American relaxation ritual, which acts on the eardrum and ears like a gentle massage. Sofly crackling, cosy warm feeling and the noticeable pressure balance can be enjoyed during this ceremony.


Times including rest/changing time

Herbal stamp-massage | 60 minutes | €82.00
Experience the intense warmth and stimulating aromas of the herbal stamps heated in warm oil. The gentle peeling effect, in combination with the rich oils, leaves supple delicate skin, the blood circulation is encouraged to stimulate around the detoxification.

Honey full body massag | 60 minutes | €78.00
Natural bee honey in combination with a special plucking technique works from the skin to deep into the tissue and thus relieves tension, bleeds through, purifies and nourishes the body.

Hot Stone massage | 60 minutes | €75.00
Enjoy the pleasant feeling of warm, oily basalt stones on your skin, which provide a noticeable deep relaxation with your energy and warmth combined with manual massage.

Feel the gentle touch and relaxing effect of a wellness massage in combination with the warm aroma oil of your choice.

  • Full body massage | 60 minutes | €65.00
  • Back massage | 30 minutes | €35.00
  • Foot/Leg massage | 30 minutes | €35.00
  • Head/neck/shoulder massage | 30 minutes | €35.00

Silk glove massage | 30 minutes | €39.00
The gentle, relaxing dry massage with high-quality raw silk gloves ensures silky polished, delicate skin, improves blood circulation and stimulates connective tissue.

Wellness-foot reflexology | 45 minutes | €52.00
Based on the realization that there is a corresponding point on the foot for each organ and body region. These are related to the organs via neural pathways. By massaging the reflex zones, the blood circulation of the organs in question is increased and the well-being increases

Foot-Relax-Treatment | 60 minutes | €65.00
Pampering ritual for the feet, with foot bath, scrub, relaxing massage

Villa SPA Menu

  • Apertif (30 minutes): Foot relaxation massage or head-neck shoulder massage
  • Main course (60 minutes): BABOR "basic face care " or full body massage
  • Digestif (30 minutes): Ear candle ceremony or hand paraffin bath

€125.00 per person (reserve in time)

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