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Wellness Villa 1894 at the Moselle

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Since August 2018, those seeking relaxation and wellness lovers have been using Villa 1894 as a holiday home in the wine village of Senheim-Senhals on the Moselle. This former Friderich family's Winzerhaus now houses lovingly designed guest rooms and the tranquil Villa Spa. It invites you to feel good and relax in the walls of a former wine cellar. In addition to relaxation and wellness in the Villa Spa and the adjoining garden, guests can enjoy the delicacies of a gourmet breakfast and dinner at the Hotel Halfenstube opposite.

For leisurely leisure activities such as reading and chilling, guests of the Villa settled in the living room in 1894. This welcoming living space of the renovated home is the ideal place to enjoy a cup of coffee, have a glass of Moselle wine and browse a book.

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