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Villa Spa Etiquette & cancelation fee

We are happy to help you plan your personal SPA experience. Please inform us in advance about medical peculiarities. You can direct your wishes and suggestions directly to our SPA employee, wether in terms of massage pressure, light, music, heat regulation.


You can borrow a bathrobe, sauna towel and slipper for your SPA-stay on. The Saunas are textile-free. Out of respect for the other guests, we would ask you to wear clothes in the other rooms as well as outdoors.

During treatments your body is covered with a towel/blanket and only the body part that is currently being treated is exposed. Guests can request disposable panties. Treatment time is inclusive of rest and changing time.


In general, you should avoid the sun after your treatment. After a body scrub or an oil massage, you should wait at least 12 hours before taking your next sunbathing.


You can include your valuables in your hotel room safe or you can use a spint at Villa SPA at the changing rooms. We do not accept any liability for the loss of valuables.


Smoking is not permitted in the SPA. Outside, we have provided for smoking zones.

Environmental awareness

An integral part of a SPA visit is the respectful treatment of the environment.
Keep this in mind when reusing the towels.


Value vouchers, day spa vouchers or vouchers for cosmetics and massages are always a popular gift. We are happy to issue vouchers to you.

Appointment reservations

In order to be able to meet your desired date, please book before you arrive.
Of course, we also try to implement short-term appointments accordingly. Please contact our reception at Villa SPA – or contact us by calling + 49 (0) 26 73/41 36 or email info@villa1894-spa.de.

Cancelation and Delay

If you cancel up to 48 hours before your appointment, a cancellation is free of charge. 
In the case of short term cancelled appointments, we charge you 50%. On the day of treatment or in the event of no-show, we will we charge you 80%.

Sometimes, due to force majeure such as machinery failure, power supply failure or illness, we cannot keep an appointment or offer a short-term alternative. We ask for your understanding if your treatment has to be canceled.

Unfortunately, in the event of delays, it is not possible to extend treatment beyond the agreed date. If you arrive at us later than booked, your application time will be reduced accordingly.